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He is the blind Autistic Singer that Kodi Lee, the piano-playing singer from Lake Elsinore who captivated viewers from his debut performance on “America’s Got Talent,” carried that moment through to the finish when he was announced as the winner of the NBC talent show competition and its $1 If Cody Lee does not win something is just damn wrong with the people in this country. Not because of his handicap.. but because his  I know this is a wildly unpopular opinion, but I don’t get the worship of Kodi Lee. He’s talented, yes, but gushing over him is almost Get the NBC Sports Kodi addon and watch live HD NBC on your Kodi system. The National Broadcasting Channel (NBC) is one of  NBC is an American television channel owned by Comcast and based in New York. Amongst some of the bigger broadcasting Kodi Lee, who's blind and autistic, was crowned the winner of NBC's "America's Got Talent" on Wednesday and gave an emotional final  During Lee and Lewis' duet, members of the audience got emotional and started swaying back and forth in their seats. Kodi Taehyun Lee recently wowed audiences by performing on the fourteenth season of American’s Got Talent. Kodi Lee can perform a variety of music genres.

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1.5K Comments 2.6K Shares. Share. Kodi Lee is a musical prodigious savant. He is the newest America's Got Talent, Season 14 Golden Buzzer Winner!

¿Por qué Kodi Lee no está en 'AGT: The Champions' 2020?

I wanna talk about Kodi Lee. I love him, he's amazing, I justhe's just such a good singer and wonderful person too I really hope he wins. But what I wanna focus on is all the abled bodied people's comments.